Diyalog / Dialogue

This is a term documentary, the story of Besna Hanım, who is trying to find her son Enes, as like thousands of mothers. Her adventure and story of dangerous trip over the border…

About 10 years ago, Selim Yıldız’s brother left the house and never comes again. After a while, the family learns that their son has joined the guerilla and is alive. Upon this, the mother of the director makes a promise to Besna Xanım, she will have her son one day. Then, two years ago, a second piece of news comes to the family. Their son fights against ISIS in Rojava. Yıldız and her mother set off regardless of the closed borders; this is perhaps Besna’s last chance to see her son. After a long and dangerous journey, they set off towards Iraq, Syrian Kurdistan. Will Besna Xanım be able to meet her son after 10 years of longing? In the middle of a brutal war, will Selim Yıldız and his mother manage to reach Rojava?

Yıldız, states that it is very difficult for him to decide to shoot this movie. The director’s decision has been shaped by knowing that the story he tells is not specific to his mother, but on the contrary, tens of thousands of Kurdish mothers experience the same suffering. Besna has at least the hope of reuniting her son, but what about other mothers who can’t even find a tomb to visit? This movie was made in the hope that it would be a voice for all mothers who took the burden of war.






Selim Yıldız


Selim Yıldız


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