About Us

Orient-Express is an association founded by film enthusiasts from Bern. Our goal is to provide a platform for Turkish-Kurdish or other directors and film-interested people. We want to connect cultures, build bridges and contribute to peaceful coexistence.

Filmdays Project

We started the film days project to promote cultural exchange between Switzerland and Turkey. We want to build a bridge between countries and cultures and motivate people to go to cultural events.

Why `Orient Express`?

The Orient Express became a symbol of the union and reconciliation between the Orient and the Occident. The Orient Express Line has become a cinematic place, immortalized in the film adaptation of the famous work by Agatha Christie (Murder on the Orient Express). We found this connection between Europe and Istanbul perfect to give our film days the name `Orient Express`.

Meeting point of the `Migration cinema`

The cinema takes its viewers into another world and gives them the opportunity to broaden their horizons. We consider the `migration cinema` to be an important artistic production for the Orient-Express Filmtage, also with regard to intercultural dialogue.